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The best gift you can give someone is the gift of genuine Love and heartfelt Support.

By partnering with us, your contributions will assist us in continuing to expand our housing program, resources, and overall care for expectant mothers amid their most vulnerable moments.

Join the Movement

Viola’s house established its foundation in the beauty of servanthood and love. It has bound us to our community to create lasting, life-changing opportunities two generations at a time. By partnering with us with a monthly gift of $48 or more, you are supporting our mission to create pathways of redemption. Offer value to mothers and our community by creating moments to own their stories. Through your generosity, we restore dignity to expectant mothers in need. Your support allows us to provide young mothers housing, transportation, classes, and stability.

The creed that sums up our cause is in our stories of love. More than us, our efforts are to create a movement that offers value to our mothers to define their precious moments of motherhood. Our defining moments are collectively driven by love as our most powerful force. As a partner, you “Cre8 the Moment” for generations to come.

Restore Dignity

Embracing the Vulnerable

Creating Second Chances

See The Seeds Sown

Why 48?

$12 a week provides diapers and wipes to a family for a week and an outfit for a child

$12 a week provides essential baby bath and grooming supplies for a month

$12 a week provides transportation to a resident in our maternity home for a week

$12 a week provides two educational classes to a mother in our Baby Benefit Boutique

Every mother and child deserves access to safe spaces where they can receive assistance in a non-judgmental, warm, and caring environment. As a donor, the impact of your support is witnessed through the positive life transformation of the families we serve within our community. Every mother and child have access through our program to the basic necessities of life, including housing, food, and clothing, in addition to life skills such as education and training in financial literacy, parenting classes, and counseling. We vow to have a personal touch through genuine care and serving those in need.

These stories of love are our most powerful tool. We encourage our mothers to embrace motherhood. We need your help to ensure that every mother and child continue to gain access to our programs that improve their well-being, regardless of their economic status. #Cre8TheMoment

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (2014), Texas ranks #4 in teen birth and has highest rate of repeat teen births in the United States

South Dallas has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy, Homelessness and HIV in the U.S.

Teen mothers are more likely to experience poverty, abuse, developmental issues, and health issues


  • “When I was 19, I got pregnant. I was homeless, and I didn’t have anywhere to go. That is when I came upon Viola’s House. Being at the Viola’s House apartments taught me how to budget, how to take care of my own home, and how to live with others. I went from being homeless to having my own car, my own apartment, and a decent-paying job.”

    - Amber

  • “Ser una mamá primeriza es difícil y ustedes han sido un sistema de apoyo para nosotros, no solo he aprendido más a través de los cursos educativos / informativos, sino que financieramente los regalos de pañales y toallitas al mes han sido muy beneficiosos. Realmente aprecio la ayuda y ustedes sirviendo a nuestra comunidad.”

    - Patricia

  • “This place is a sanctuary for young moms. Even if you don’t stay here, you can always come here if you need help. They’re like family. That’s how I feel about everybody that works here. When I come it’s like coming to see my family.”

    - Jayla

  • “Estoy agradecida enormemente con ustedes por la ayuda que me han brindado con mis hijos. Una ayuda que no cualquier persona te da. Bendiciones y muchas gracias a todo el equipo de Viola’s House.”

    - Dulce

  • “I am very grateful to the program as they instruct us about parenthood and make the process easier. They support us in the basic needs of our babies, and above all, they are very empathetic with us moms. I am very grateful, and may God continue to bless you always!”

    - Angelica

  • “Antes que nada, Dios bendiga a Baby Benefit Boutique y a todo el personal. Por la gran ayuda que nos dan, gracias. Gracias por su amabilidad, en mi persona han sido de mucha ayudad ya que mi esposo no trabaja bien porque padece de artritis y en tiempos de mal clima se ve muy afectado. Con esta ayuda de ustedes nos ayuda mucho aparte de las clases son muy importantes ya que algunas mamás son primerizas y esas son de mucha ayuda. Dios los siga bendiciendo.”

    - Abigail H.

Thank You

Thank you for your contributions and for partnering with us to make positive changes in the lives of mothers and babies within the communities we serve! We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you to serve in this way, creating life-changing moments of legacy. Through continued contributions from partners like you, Viola's House can continue to make a difference in the lives of mothers and babies. Our responsibility is to handle your generosity with care. Every dollar spent supports our mission to continue to bring hope to the numerous communities we serve! As a partner, your donations and pledges received during our Annual Campaign help with Viola's House's current and future stability by investing in addressing critical needs and the success that your donation creates.